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Welcome to IPRA Security Solutions Pvt.Ltd.

Security Guard Company Delhi It is with great honor to introduce us as one of the leading company in security guard services in Delhi. As you are aware that due to the rapid growth in Industrial and Housing Sectors, Corporate and Multinationals in Metropolis Cities; Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Mumbai etc. and especially NCR region, the need for private security has been felt. However it is a Herculean Task and the Government Agencies, which are already over-burdened & pre-occupied with great responsibilities, cannot afford to meet the challenging demand of security company in Pvt. Sectors.

Thus, it has become inevitable for the Pvt. Security Agency in Delhi to protect and safeguard the interest of the citizens of our Nation by meeting their security requirements of their day-to-day matters. Keeping this in mind, we also felt ourselves Competent and Capable to join the venture, as one of the best security consultant agency.

We registered with the Govt. of Delhi, having a Fleet of well-trained, honest, sincere and dedicated security Personnel. We provide the following staff to meet the requirements of our clients at any given point of time by any one Individual, Group Housing Society, Residences, Embassies, Multi National Companies etc.Read More..

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Alarm Monitoring

Alarm monitoring services in Delhi

Alarm services from IPRA monitor alarms from fire safety, burglary, intrusion detection or access control systems, whenever they occur in your company and make sure.

Executive Protection

Executive Protection in Delhi

Executive protection professionals are facing unprecedented challenges—downsizing, layoffs, and a general negative attitude toward senior executives at every level.

Video Surveillance

Security consultancy services in Delhi

Video Surveillance provides an integrated video surveillance security solution that can enable you to view, and digitally record activity from throughout your environment.

Key Control

Cash security agencies

Key Control refers to various methods for making sure that certain Keys are only used by authorized people. This is especially important for Master Key systems with lots of users.

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